Sep 14, 2015

Benchmaringk luabinding performance:

Interactive version:

Sep 3, 2015

GitHub overview: Libs for lua binding - Simple C++11 friendly header-only bindings to Lua - C++11 API for creating Lua bindings - very similar to luabind, but modern and lightweight - A C++11 Lua wrapper - Very fast XML parser for Lua based on RapidXML - C++ library which makes loading of tables from Lua files very easy. ( - lowlevel lua with c-lib support

NVIDIA SIGGRAPH 2015 Conference

May 18, 2015

how to make the compound bow

Windows 10 preview vs Apple Bootcamp

Installed Windows 10 tech preview on Bootcamp partition (MBPR 15' 2014). Got random freezes as response for trivial actions.
Windows Log contains numerous errors "Event 129, storahci - Reset to device ..."

Cure: disable PCI-e Link State Power management in "Power Options". (link)

Or you may use only high performance power profile.

Apr 1, 2015

Connect to NodeJS Socket.IO server from Unity3d using WebSocketSharp

It wont work out of the box. So no connections with simple

using (var ws = new WebSocket ("ws://")) {

Socket.IO clients hides much of inner details. So when you using plain WebSocket client you need to provide some additional params like this:

using (var ws = new WebSocket ("ws://")) {