Nov 22, 2011

Nov 20, 2011

Contract work progress

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std::map vs std::hash_map

code (cross platform x64 compatible)
tests insertion and search timings:

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NVidia NSight

I was very disappointed as it cant debug/profile OpenGL/CUDA/CL applications on same machine.

Good question to fail ;)

External properties for classes (C++)

Once working on some MMO project based on Reality Engine. Engine has Actor class and its derivatives. Each of them has some amount (> 10) of properties (scale, color, ...). As we had big word (MMO game!) so smooth and fast loading was very important. But I noticed that engine spend some significant memory and loading time on creation abstract class properties.
Lets do some calculations - when need to load 100 Actors its allocate 100*10 = 1000 properties, each property has std::string for it's name and another std::string for description. So loading 100 Actors involves ~3000 additional allocations.

As engine uses that properties them for xml serialization and Editor bindings it was impossible to easily remove them....
That project was closed ^( due to economical crisis.
But recently I got flashback and decide that will be useful to use it in some of my pet projects.

So here is draft version of external properties: